Echo Canyon

Popular Arizona Hiking Trails


This is a very popular trail located in Scottsdale, AZ. The trail starts off pretty easy, but quickly escalates in difficulty. There are a large set of stairs made of railroad ties that turn into a steep incline with a simple rail to help you climb, with the final stretch of the trail becoming a difficult rock scramble. There are bathrooms located at the trailhead.

Trail Length

This trail is 2.4 miles long round trip. Hikers generally take an average of two to three hours.


This trail is open year round, from sunrise to sunset.


This trail has an elevation gain of 1,400 - 1,500 feet.


This is an extremely difficult trail. Ensure that you're wearing shoes that has a good grip on them. It is important to bring plenty of water, and more than you would expect if hiking throughout the summer. There is little to no shade on the trail, so there is the possibility of heat exhaustion. It's suggested to hike early in the morning through the summer.


Dogs are not allowed on this trail, even at the trail head. Please ensure that you leave them at home.

View from the top of Camelback Mountain

Got an awesome view of a rainstorm in the distance. It was amazing until everyone noticed it was headed our way. Then it turned into a race to the bottom before we got soaked!